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Unique, hand-crafted cedar strip/fiberglass epoxy canoes, kayaks, rowing skiffs and custom canoe furniture.
" Art on the Water "
You can also find us here:
you can own your "Art on the Water"
              starting at $3,400
                "Build Your Own"
    Introduction to Cedar Strip Canoe Building

From wood selection through to finishing, this course covers the cedar strip/ epoxy building process from 
start to finish.
Practice your building technique by constructing and finishing a cedar strip birdhouse.
We supply all materials and tools.

Three day workshops, to build a birdhouse

Workshop to build a 4 foot Scale Model Mini Canoe

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Featured in: 
The Ottawa Citizen  Saturday August 15, 2009  
The Calgary Herald  Sunday August 20,2009 
      CTV Regional Contact Oct. 31, 2010
The Humm August 2015 
Cover of Lee Valley Fall 2017 Catalogue

Upcoming Shows 2019:
              Perth Autumn Studio Tour, Thanksgiving weekend 
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