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Unique, hand-crafted cedar strip/fiberglass epoxy canoes, kayaks, rowing skiffs and custom canoe furniture.
" Art on the Water "
You can also find us here:
you can own your "Art on the Water"
              starting at $3,400
                "Build Your Own"
    Introduction to Cedar Strip Canoe Building

From wood selection through to finishing, this course covers the cedar strip/ epoxy building process from 
start to finish.
Practice your building technique by constructing and finishing a cedar strip birdhouse.
We supply all materials and tools.

Three day workshops, to build a birdhouse

New! Five day workshop to build a 4 foot mini canoe

Next Available Courses:
dates to be determined

email: for registration or questions                           

Featured in: 
The Ottawa Citizen  Saturday August 15, 2009  
The Calgary Herald  Sunday August 20,2009 
      CTV Regional Contact Oct. 31, 2010
The Humm August 2015 

Upcoming Shows 2017:
              Perth Autumn Studio Tour, Thanksgiving weekend 
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